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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. We just moved to Robinson Township and we noticed that our neighbors have their house numbers clearly identified. We are purchasing new house numbers but are not sure what size or exactly where they should be placed.


A. The short answer is that the ordinance requires 3" numbers be clearly placed on mailboxes and the building in residential zones and 6" in all other zones. Posting numbers prominently ensures an expedient response in the event of an emergency. Ordinance #5 of 1998 can be viewed and printed here.

Q. I've been expecting a tax statement from the township; however, it hasn't arrived. Who should I call?

A. Call the Township Tax Office at (412) 788-8119.

Q. From time to time, stray dogs come through backyards where children play. It's difficult to tell if they have licenses and I don't know who to call?

A. Animal Control Service is under contract to the Township and you may call them directly for assistance at 724-503-4417. Further to this, the ordinance with regard to "Dogs Running at Large" can be viewed here.
Running Dog

Q. We're putting in a new driveway this year. Do we need a building permit?

A. No, you do not need a building permit. As well, you do not need a permit for a new roof, siding, or windows.

Temporary Sign Q. As a small business owner, while driving in the township I often encounter temporary business signs intended for a sales promotion or a service available in our community. Is this permitted?

A. Yes, however, those who want to post temporary signs must obtain a temporary sign permit and observe the stipulations of the permit. Information can be obtained about these permits at 412-788-8117. Signs placed in the Township right-of-ways, without a permit, will be removed and disposed of by the Township Public Works Department.

Q. Can I post my Garage Sale signs on utility poles or along roadways?

A. No. Signs cannot be posted on utility poles or along roadways because these are Township right of ways. Robinson Township completely prohibits signs to be posted in right of ways.

Q. Our firm is developing some property in the Township and we will need to bring in some land fill to satisfy the requirements of our project. Do we need a special permit?

A. Yes, depending on the amount of fill that you will be bringing into the Township. A recent amendment to a Township Ordinance requires a small fill permit when bringing in 10 to 499 cubic yards of fill. You can learn more here.


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