1000 Church Hill Road | Pittsburgh, PA 15205 | Building & Planning Office: 412-788-8117

Robinson Township Building & Planning Department

construction The Building and Planning Department guides property owners, developers and builders in land development and construction that meets the regulations, procedures and ordinances set down by the Township. The Building & Planning Department is located in the Township Municipal Complex on Church Hill Road.

This office should be your first stop when planning new construction or to secure a building permit for an addition or improvement to an existing residential or commercial structure.

Township Ordinances
Click here to review township ordinances on-line via e-Code.

Or you can purchase a Zoning Ordinance Book at the Building & Planning Department for $50 plus $5 postage. A zoning map is also available for $5 at the Building & Planning Department. Call 412-788-8117 for details.
zoning ordinances

Regulations & Procedural Guidelines
A Regulations & Procedural Guidelines for Subdivision and Land Development Stormwater Management and Public Improvement book is available from the Building & Planning Department for $30, plus $5 postage. Call 412-788-8117 for details.

Building & Planning Department Office Hours
8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Phone: 412-788-8117
FAX: 412-788-7204

Planning Director
Rick Urbano

Building & Planning Secretary
Pat Webster